rooted + wild. has been and continues to be a sacred collection of a lifetime of knowledge, growth and transformation.

Despite having over 20 years of experience as an herbalist and mother of five, I still consider myself a student of the Earth- always living, learning + evolving. We must honor and embrace what life presents to us; for it is all a chance to grow, expand knowledge, and RISE UP.  It is with deep gratitude that I bring my creations and offerings to you all.

A small piece of herstory-

I had always enjoyed helping out in the garden as a small child; enjoying the fruits of labor, playing in the dirt, creating magical healing potions- I would always observe my grandmother and her connection with plants with wide eyes and keen curiosity. My very first herbal experience was of her black drawing salve she used on a splinter I had gotten from the old creaky wooden stairs out back. This stuck with me and I very much am grateful for that awakening and having lived my childhood as rooted and connected to plant medicine as I did.

Maiden / Light My Fire

Back in the 90's in high school, my varsity soccer team was in the state championships. I rolled my ankle on a divot while rushing back to defend and prevent a goal. I was in excruciating pain, but went home and toughed it out with ice.  A dear friend whose father is a naturopath suggested I use arnica cream on it that he had, and so I did. When I woke up the next morning with virtually no pain, what was once a childhood spark had now ignited into flames. It was then that I knew this passion that I had already intuitively felt was my chosen path and that my experiences with plant magic had been calling my name louder.

It was shortly before I graduated high school that I started delving deeper into the herbal world, pouring through pages and pages of books, taking classes and workshops, consuming as much knowledge as I possibly could. After graduating, the connection to the plant world was becoming stronger now that I had more freedom- I was finding that when I needed something, I was somehow magically led straight to it while out foraging. I dabbled with a few colleges, focusing on sciences + the arts, never being satisfied and always seeking more. I've been blessed to have had the ability to acknowledge and foster my connection to the elemental plant kingdom and honor my wild spirit- traveling and living across the United States for almost six years while devouring Knowles she and experience learning from some of the most amazing people in some of the most magical of spaces. Among some include the great-grandmother of herbalism, the late Juliette de Bairacli Levy; Jeanine Parvati, Susun Weed, Michael Moore, Rosemary Gladstar, and many, many more-  It was these people who have paved the roads for the generations succeeding them- my sincerest gratitude to them for sharing themselves and their plant wisdom with those of us who choose to listen. I’m proud to share the privilege in the company of present generation of wisdom.. Let us teach our children and sisters/brothers, we need to bring back the roots and nurture our naturally wild spirits. aho!

Mother / Nurture

When my eldests (twins) were born in 2005, I started making more things related to baby- teething glycerite, cloth diaper safe cream, soaps free of chemicals, a botanical baby wipe solution, a soothing breastfeeding-safe nipple butter, a healing eczema balm, an herbal infused baby massage oil, and so on. Because here I was, a new mother responsible for not one, but TWO new little precious lives, and I was extremely disappointed that the most commonly used and readily available brands and products were loaded with chemicals and damaging ingredients.  I certainly didn't want to expose my children to this, or myself- and as the saying goes: when you know better, you should want to do better. I wanted to maintain this deep connection to the earth and plants for and with my children— 

Sharing Plant Wisdom

As the years have gone by, I've devoted my time to teaching my five children these roots of life and cultivating a lifestyle that nurtures, empowers, and honors the process of reconnecting with the earth and how to work in harmony with it to nourish our whole selves in body, mind and spirit and teaching them the ways of true herbalism. No shortcuts like many people for profit do- I take the time to properly infuse my products with whole fresh plant matter and harvest and process in a manner that naturally follows the state of the moon. No heat is ever applied to speed up this process, which creates a far lesser quality and to me a product I deem useless. We must respect the Earth and what she provides to us and we must do things properly. We cannot rush the process either. Quality plant medicines will take -time- and -proper knowledge- to create. This connection has been a staple in how I bring my visions to life with my creations over the years; simply by honoring the natural state of plants and their properties and showing gratitude for providing what we need. 

I will always strive to expand my knowledge and deepen my understanding the science of whole body function and health.

Promises / Morals / High Standards

The ingredients I use are always organically cultivated and/or ethically wildharvested, from as local as possible— always kept pure + simple, and devoid of the unnecessary. Always using fresh plant matter that I harvest during proper seasons. This means everything is made fresh in small batches free of synthetics and preservatives. If I do not have something I need as a component, I trade with my neighboring herbal sisters and brothers to ensure only the best quality goes into my preparations. 

My mission is to provide the highest quality fresh and nourishing products while honoring the plant(s) being used in their natural state. A lot of the products on the market today are loaded with essential oils and full of preservatives that promote longer shelf life and appealing textures with faltering promises that cover up, rather than treat the root cause- unfortunately these are typically more damaging than beneficial for us.

Following my calling on the path in the traditional ways with this gift, I create to nourish and nurture the body, mind and soul- to promote wellness that we can synergistically build from our life-sustaining roots our ancestors once embraced. To harness the natural healing modalities that exist in this realm. I invite you to pause and experience being rooted in the Earth, to let go of modern social conformities, and join me on this wild ride we call life.

Thank you all for listening and being present as I open and hold space to share a part of my world with you. I am truly blessed. I |AM| rooted + wild.